Snakes on a Plane... and everywhere else

All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us

It looks like that we may have a phenomenon in the making, and its based on the newly released movie , starring . If you all the hype about the film, also known as , you would have to be blind, deaf and hidden from the world for a few months now. But is it making its infamous trademark 12-letter-word acceptable socially?

This 18k gold SoaP pendant has a 3D snake adorned with diamonds for only $3900... bling-bling.New Line Cinema is running auctions on items used in the film, and one can even purchase official SoaP jewelry there, such as this 18k gold airplane pendant that has a 3D snake adorned with diamonds for only $3900. It was designed by Lin Shaye who plays Grace in the movie. That's a fashion statement unto itself.

If you want to see the official site with the movie trailers and such, . I'm not going to review the movie, because there are enough opinions posted on the 'Net already, including some positive ones that one .

Now about that phenomenon, do you remember ? The AYBABTU phenomenon was with us for quite a few months in 2001 and into 2002, and was takeoff on an English language version of the 1989 Japanese video game Zero Wing. In case you forgot those memorable sounds and scenes from the original video, they have been preserved for posterity at and .

And now we have , a very funny if quite profane takeoff on the movie. This has now been ported over as a video to YouTube, and it's getting more hits there than the original site, by all indications. I'm not showing this video here, as this one could truly be regarded as R-rated, like the movie, at least for the printed language, etc. At best it might be NSFW, so be warned. and proceed at your own risk.

Had found the link to this on a couple of weeks back, looking for info on Robert Scoble's new book, (which was ). Read all of Bob's caveats about adult language and such and followed his link to the blog, and there is was, along with a number of other visual comments regarding the film, and all in 's trademark Rageboy style.

Just so that doesn't sound patronizing, those who know me are aware that I own a copies of 's and , of which he was co-author, and have followed him since the days. What he wrote a few years ago still stands well today - check it out for yourself.

But the main thing here is what I also found on his site, and for some reason it just struck me as completely hilarious at the time, and still does. It's , and it's far better than the singular sheikh on a plane reference I was going to use.

Click here to go to Chris Locle's original "sheikhs on a plane" entry, then look for Sheik Yerbouti himself.

And searching the 'Net for sheikhs and planes can bring up some interesting results for the lovelorn, if one is so inclined. But the infamous just won't be made acceptable at any time in the near future.

The is .

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shel israel said...

If you are looking for more info on Naked Conversations, you might try http://nakedconversations.com, where Scoble co-authored the book with some other guy who is still maintaining the blog.

Money Miss said...

S!N!A!K!E!S! O!N! A! P!L!A!N!E!
No great secret that I'm obcessed.
Does anyone wanna give me money for cinema ticket?

JargonTalk said...

Ouch! Apologies to Shel Israel for not listing him as the co-author of Naked Conversations in this posting. Had acknowledged him in my "Naked Conversations and Web 2.0 Logo Generator" posting of 8/19/2006, and there was no slight intended here.

For those who are unfamiliar with Shel Israel, not only is he an accomplished blogger, journalist and communication guru, he was involved in the initial launches of Napster, Sun Microsystems, Filemaker, SoundBlaster, MapInfo, just to name a few. For me, the important one that he was involved in (other than Sun) was Microsoft PowerPoint, still one of my favorite software applications of all time.

I’ll be writing a review on Naked Conversations at some point in the next few weeks and posting it on Amazon.com, so stay tuned on this blog for more info. Am actually (a couple of years) overdue on a review of The Cluetrain Manifesto, and maybe I can get that one done as well.

In any case, hop over to the Red Couch and visit "the other guy" there. And be sure to wish him a belated Happy Birthday.

money miss said...

So, which email account is better?
Which has the easiest sign-up? And which one requires the least information?
(I live with a paranoid family. AKA, we give out false names on the net, have an ex directory phone number...some of it's rubbed off on me!)
Thanks in advance!
(Wow, that rhymes.)

clocke said...

Hey, nice post, motherfucker! ;-)

and thanx for the linx.