Happy Valentine's Day... Busted!

Love is in the air...

PHILADELPHIA Feb 14, 2008 ― The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office showed their love and support for victims of domestic violence during an early morning Valentine's Day roundup Thursday. An nice, shiny Valentine's Day bracelet for domestic violence offenders!Sheriff's deputies led an early morning sweep in the pre-dawn hours to capture wanted domestic abuse as well as child support offenders.

In 2007, there were 109 domestic abuse warrants issued in Philadelphia and in the surrounding counties. There were also 126 warrants issued for those who had neglected child-support responsibilities. They were presented with a special Valentine's Day gift by the deputies... a pair of shiny new bracelets, one for each wrist. See the video here.

A unit of seven men participated in the sweep that began in Northeast Philadelphia and ended at South 11th Street. There were news reporters and their camera crews out in force along with the deputies as they rounded up the offenders, and many in our area woke up to this welcome news. 

Kudos to the deputies from of the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office, the news reporters and the camera crews who made this such a worthwhile event to wake up to! 

It just goes to show that sometimes there really is justice... and on Valentine's Day, too!

Also published here on Buzznet.