At What Age Does Hatred Begin?

Prussian Black and Blue

My son was watching television in the living room on Tuesday night, and as I walked through I did a double take at what was on the screen. It wasn't anything violent, pornographic or even inappropriate: he was watching "The Outsiders", a special on ABC News Primetime. What was disturbing though was the pair of angelic looking blonde twins, just a few years older than my son, who were talking about preserving the white race and Nazi heroes while they were wearing T-shirts with a happy Hitler smiley face.

Photo Hosted at BuzznetHe was watching Lamb and Lynx Gaede, adolescent twin girls who make up the band Prussian Blue, and I decided I better join him. We watched as Primetime commented that they though they might look like innocence personified, the twins are part of a terrifying movement spreading a message of racism and White Nationalism.

Their estranged father said that the messages that they preach are not their own, but those of April Gaede, the girls' mother. The twins have been nurtured on racist beliefs since their birth by their mother, who said, "They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening. I'm going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would."

It was disturbing to find out that after Hurricane Katrina struck, the girls donated money but stipulated that their donation to victims should go only to white people. My son, who has been involved in Toys for Tots and other charity work since kindergarten, turned and looked at me in complete surprise.

I had seen a previous broadcast last fall on ABC where Lynx had said, "We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white. We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."

Maybe their mother had convinced them that America loved them and their message would be accepted by all, but after that ABC TV segment and the outpouring of criticism that followed, the girls were said to be "in tears."

Lynx and Lamb emerged a bit bruised... Prussian Black and Blue. Well, girls, reality sometimes sucks, doesn't it?

April is said to be a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins' father. She home-schools the girls, and teaches them her own distinctive perspective on everything from history to current events. April Gaede had grown up "goat's milk and Third Reich footage in the foothills of Fresno," and that her father was a rancher who branded his animals with swastikas. They moved from Bakersfield, CA because it wasn't "white enough" for some place in Montana.

April is clever and resourceful, and uses the Internet to her advantage; she is not above exploiting her infant daughter Dresden in her schemes. There are some, however, who have seen through her and come forward with what they have found, and it not a pretty picture.

Lamb and Lynx may seem like cute adolescent twins at home when they fight for the next turn with the joystick in front of TV. But how cute is it when the video game is Ethnic Cleansing, which is focused on trying to kill as many blacks, Latinos and Jews as possible. Did their loving mother give them this racist game as a Christmas present?

The twins have said they believe Adolph Hitler was a great man with good ideas, such as eugenic standards and incentives to improve the genetic quality of the German people, and marriage loans to help qualified German families begin upon a firm financial basis. In the interview, the twins described the Holocaust as being exaggerated.

One of their songs is "Sacrifice," which pays homage to Hitler's deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, and it clearly shows the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics pay tribute to Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."

So where does the name "Prussian Blue" fit into this twisted puzzle?

The blue-eyed girls and mother have stated that part of their heritage is Prussian German, that Prussian Blue is a "really pretty color," hence the name choice. The darker side of this could be that Prussian Blue is the name of the blue residue left over by the use of Zyklon B, the poison the Nazis employed to kill millions of Jews and others in concentration camps during World War II.

In an article entitled "Hello White People" with Vice Magazine, the girls parroted the history revisionists' and Holocaust deniers' line about "the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps" and stated that the Prussian Blue name "might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the 'Holocaust' myth."

In the same article they stated that the most important social issue facing the white race was: "Not having enough white babies born to replace ourselves and generally not having good-quality white people being born."

How and where do kids learn such hatred of other human beings? An example of this goes back to 2003, when the twins were all of eleven. The pro-hate site National Vanguard called her a "brave young patriot" and reported that "11-year-old White patriot Lamb Gaede" had said "that Dr. (Martin Luther) King 'preferred White Prostitutes' and 'was a plagiarist'" in an interview with a radio host.

At 11-years-old this girl was discussing racial stereotyping and prostitutes?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been aware of the girls and April Gaede for awhile, noting that she had joined the neo-Nazi National Alliance in 2001. The girls have appeared publicly on behalf of former Ku Klux Klan wizard David Duke. They perform for such groups as the neo-Nazi National Alliance at Holocaust-denial events and festivals entitled Folk the System.

Prussian Blue does have its followers, and they can and will readily excuse and justify the duo's pro-Nazi and white supremacist music and comments, using whatever rhetoric they feel necessary. If you want that side of the coin, try these articles on WhiteCivilRights.com, or some of them on National Vanguard.

One apologist said that the lyrics to their songs might be a bit rough, but they represented the Conservative element in out political spectrum. Conservative? This isn't Conservative, with the girls executing Sieg Heil salutes at their concerts while belting out lyrics such as "Strike force! White survival. Strike force!" These are outright White Supremacists, followers of a real neo-Nazi culture, regardless of their age.

Lamb and Lynx are releasing a CD at the same time as their new music video debuts. You can see their video "Victory Day" here on YouTube, but you may want to read the lyrics here first:

Well sit down and listen, to what I have to say.
Soon will come a great war, a bloody but holy day.
And after that purging, our people will be free,
and sing up in the bright skies, a sun for all to see...

Times are very tough now for a proud White man to live.
And although it may appear that this world has no life to give.
Times are soon changing, this cant go on for long.
And on that joyful summer's day we'll sing our Victory song...

The women, they'll smile, on Victory Day.
And the children, they'll laugh and they'll sing and they'll play.
And the forests will echo our grace,
for the brand new dawn of our Race...

You are my brother and in war we proudly sing.
Our Cause shall never tire. Our gift to you we bring:
A holy creed of Racial purpose, A mighty Race to defend.
And when we fly our holy flag Their oppressive reign shall end...

And when we finally conquer, our people will be free.
And all across this great land, the bold Truth we shall see.
So as we march together, to avoid catastrophe,
let's remember always our sacred Destiny...

Their pretty faces and youthful smiles have taken in many. In late 2005, Teen People magazine, guided by its parent company Time Warner, pulled the plug on a story they had planned to run on the twins. An earlier teaser had called the hatemongering duo "aspiring musicians" and had compared them to teen sensations Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Well, to my ears they both sing off key, and they're a far cry from Mary-Kate and Ashley.

UK's Love Music Hate Racism csmpaign - click here for more info...Racist songs praising the KKK and promoting segregation have existed for years, but a new phenomenon emerged in the 1970s, an entire genre of music predicated on neo-Nazi racism, and it's become a global issue. Prussian Blue is just another group in that nasty mix.

Lamb and Lynx aren't espousing their own opinions, but ones they're being taught and surrounded with since birth. It doesn't justify it, but are we beginning to see why the girls are filled with so much hatred?

Lamb and Lynx are turning themselves into something evil, plain and simple, and though they are now fourteen and capable of making intelligent decisions, it's hard to forget where they learned it all, and how much they appear to have been brainwashed.

And when you listen to their music, just ask yourself: is it really that good?

We're supposed to be an enlightened society. It's appalling to think that this kind of venomous hatred and bigotry is being taught to our children in the 21st century, and that it's so easily justified.

Our lexidiem is .

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B.A. Dash said...

I read this and it really pisses me off. Here are two relatively cute kids (you're right, they aren't Mary Kate or Ashly Olsen) who are squandering any potential talent they may have to please the mother, who has to be a real bitch. One of your links pointed to a fellow who wrote that she slept with half of those goose-stepping Aryan bastards to work her way up, and that she needed a sign over her bed that said “Over One Million Served” or something like that.

Maybe one of those neo-Nazi assholes could tell us if she is or ever was any good in the sack.

She's now an aging, overweight, has-been pig, and the goose-steppers would probably have to get pretty damn drunk to have a go at her. On second thought, look at some of them!

But that's not the problem. She's a mother with two teenage daughters and an infant, and just look how she's raising them! It's one thing to have your own freedom of thought and expression, but it's another to raise your kids in the fashion she is doing. You know damn well that some of those neo-Nazi types are convicted sex offenders, and it looks like she's pandering her own daughters to them, and for her own financial gain as well.

It would serve her right if one of those kids came home to tell her mother that she's sleeping with a black rap star just to rebel against what has to be a pretty sick and repressed upbringing.

But that's just my two-cents worth.

Anonymous said...

When Mel Gibson got arrested for drunk driving and for calling a female officer "sugar tits", just guess what music was blaring out of his CD player?

You got it! It was Prussian Blue's latest album. Everybody in LA knows that he's really into their music. Don't be surprised if he doesn't have them do the music for his next movie.


I hate Nazis! said...

What a pair of Nazi trash sluts! But it's hard to blame them when the mother has raised them the way she did.

Money Miss said...

I read that with horror and disgust. I mean, I'm pretty close to their age, and I just don't get it. How can they do this? I don't think we can blame them entirely, though, with a mother like that...? Someone call a social worker, they need to GET OUT of that house.
What next? Songs about burning people at the stake?
I wouldn't be surprised.

Tuoni said...

Look at all the hate and vitriol espoused on this blog and in these comments. It amazes me how you think your opinion is better than Prussian Blue's. That makes you a hypocrite and a bigot.

White Power! said...

Aryan Man Awake
(by Lamb and April)

When the man who plows the fields
is driven from his lands.
When the carpenter must give away
what he's built with his own hands.
When a mother's only children
belong to her no more.
And black masked men with guns
come bashing down the doors.

Where freedom exists for only
those with darker skin.
Where lies and propaganda will
never let you win.
Where symbols of your heritage are
held with such contempt,
and benefits of country
'cept tax are you exempt .

Aryan man awake,
How much more will you take,
Turn that fear to hate,
Aryan man awake.

aldoph said...

I am just counting down the days 'till these girls turn eighteen. I have my armband, my fake mustache, my uniform, boots. Vot a night it vill be. I know those girls vill vant me.

Anonymous said...

money miss, I just noticed on your blog that you state "Occupation: Trying to figure out how to get rid of my uniform!" I'd probably be willing to help you with that. Please submit pictures for me to review.

John Mark Karr said...

I'd hit 'em. Either of 'em. Both of 'em. Keep them in my seller. Name one odd, the other, even. Get the picture?


Anonymous said...

i seriosly am pissed of by this crap, for one, im their age and i write songs about peace. those girls are writing songs about hitler being a good man. they can go and suck hitler's microscopic dead dick. i wont be surprised when one day they are shot in the heads.they are white trash whores.

Anonymous said...

These girls are full of fucking crap. Those bitches are lucky there not in my fuckin school or id rip there little blonde heads right off there scrawny little dick sized necks!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- the cool thing about the 'tolerant' left is its intolerance. A fine example is the comment above.

What's wrong with preserving the white race? More appropriately, why do some many leftists want to wipe it out by promoting -- not tolerating but promoting -- miscegenation. Why do they insist on mass non-white immigration into *all* white majority countries, from the USA to the UK?

Anonymous said...

I am a proud white (TRUE AMERICAN) man and am well educated. My people were among the first from England and Scotland to settle this country and civilize it. I am a PROUD AMERICAN and my Country means everything to me, so I have a rather strong opinion on this issue.

Be grateful that you werent all rounded up and drowned in the damn ocean. Through years of struggle, war, and national conference we as American Citizens have galvanized and made virtually permanent the values that regulate our society. Values like Capitalism, Christianity, freedome, and liberty. Our national strength comes from our unity and adherance to our core values, not from the mindless divisive ignorance pawned off as pride by the likes of your kind.

I almost wish that a war would break out again, because it just might be time to purge all of you Anti-American cockroaches out of our beautiful Homeland. This is not the land of any other sub-human force of medeocraty and national decline. I prey all your days come quickly so that my Christian God will judge you good and proper.

Anonymous said...

ok first off you cant blame these girls for thier opinion they were raised to only think this way and had nothing else. but it is most definetly wrong to think that you are better than any other person because yoiur skin is lighter, honestly, it was luck of the draw that you are white, you could have been born black, and you would be the exact same person you are as a white person. and the holocoust was NOT a myth as they seem to think it is. it MOST DEFINETLY happened and is disrespecful to brush it off as somthing that "didnt really happen" i dont think anyone is a bad person, these girls seem so nice but the thoughts that were put into thier heads.. wow i would love for them to live in my house for a while, they would be completly changed people

Anonymous said...

I'm asian and from australia, and i don't have any qualms about other races. In fact, where i live, most of the people embrace multiculturalism. but sometimes i wonder why i should make an effort to be nice to people (regardless of their race) when i may be at a shopping centre and some idiotic caucasion person tells me to go back to my own country and stay there. Or when some woman who used to run a fish and chips shop can come into our lives and invade parliament and tell us all that "we are being endangered of being swamped by asians".

I don't understand why White people feel superior when most of time, when clearly, as a population, they are the minority. And it doesn't seem to worry them that they're generally the ones doing the invading and killings.

Some day or later, they'll realise that nobody really cares about what they're fighting for. Because to others, it's useless, nobody wants to know people who are narrow minded and closed off. And even though i feel upset over racist remarks, the amount of people who condone racism makes me feel hopeful that society isn't as bad as think it is. So thanks to all who believe that every race is equal to one another and we all have equal rights!

P.S I know i shouldn't say this, because it sounds really crude and rude.. but..i can't help myself..

Blonde Ambition said...

I think the girls seem really nice. I dont blame them, I would blame their mom. I was bought up in a house were we accepted everyone. Even though we are white with blonde hair and blue eyes. It doesnt matter. Imagine a world were EVERYONE looked the same. We would be so bored. People look different for a reason. Take the Aboriginals, they are dark skinned because of Australias climate. They cant help that. I think everyone is intitled to their own opinion but this is taking it to far. Like I understand they are German and good on them, Germany is a nice place, but you cant change the past, and you cant just PRETEND the holocust never happened. It doesnt work like that.

Anonymous said...

la madre di qll 2 ragazze è 1 sciagurata x nn dire parolacce ke insegna dll cs assurde e cretine alle figlie ke le diffondo sicuramente senza sapere neanke di cs parlano...mi fa venire 1 rabbia la cs...ma ke w hitler e w hitler....hitler è stato 1 merda!!!! i nazisti sn tt dei coglioni ignoranti!!! e lo capiranno (se lo capiranno visto ke sn dei coglioni) troppo tardi!!! merdoni

swahiliangirl said...

that family is going to get whats coming to them one day. I know i can't completely blame the girls but still! Ugh...and there singing sucks. I don't see why the goverment or something can't stop them, they're promoting hate,killing and racism. I know this sounds really mean but...i hope someday something really bad will happen to them one day and a person of a different race will help them or the girls will change their opinion, but thats not likely.

Anonymous said...

'I am a proud white (TRUE AMERICAN) man and am well educated. My people were among the first from England and Scotland to settle this country and civilize it. I am a PROUD AMERICAN and my Country means everything to me, so I have a rather strong opinion on this issue.'

If you were truly well educated you would realize that Europeans(that's technically your heritage; not white, try Irish or Scottish) have no more right to this country than your anti-Americans'. It's the Native Americans who have a right to complain. And how dare you say America was uncivilized! If you want uncivilized, try Spain during the Inquisition.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that this is unacceptable what these twins are doing! White or non-White, to me it doesn't make a difference. I thought racism is declining and didn't expect for anyone to have so much hatred towards non-white people. I am deeply hurt and I don't blame the twins as their mum has brain-washed them but I think they are now old enough to realise what they are saying and doing and should maybe do what their heart tells them to do- hopefully to stop promoting RACISM!