The Word of the Day is...

Here's an interesting question: why isn't there a single word that means "Word of the Day?"

Well now there is, and Ironic Sans had it listed as follows:

  • Lexidiem. n. sing. lek-si'-dee-im. (preferred) lek-si-dee'-im (altern. accepted) 1. Word of the day. [Modern American English, from Greek lexis (word) and Latin diem (day), reflecting the hodgepodge of international roots that make up Modern American English words].

    Example 1: "Lexidiem is not this blog's only lexidiem."
    Example 2: "
    Dictionary.com features a lexidiem section."
    Example 3: "The Merriam Webster Dictionary on-line has a
    lexidiem, too."
  • Incorrect usage: "Lexidiem-of-the-day."

It looks like Double-Tongued Word Wrester has added the word to their dictionary as well. They also have a lexidiem of their own, with mailings five days per week. Another writer had commented that the term verbadiem was more appropriate, noting that that one should not mix Greek and Latin forms, and that in Latin, lex is "law." Maybe so, but we'll go along with the others who have agreed with David at Iconic Sans that lexidiem seems to be an appropriate definition.

Further, it looks like lexidiem has been nominated in Wiktionary as a featured word candidate.

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