Sex on Lake Balaton? Just rock my boat!

Sexy Summer on Lake Balaton?

Photo Hosted at Buzznet - full version of this pic [NSFW] can be seen hereThe tourism authority in Balaton, Hungary is trying a new approach to attracting young visitors. Maybe they're trying to follow the well-known saying that "Virginia is for Lovers," a slogan that has endured for over thirty years. If that's the direction they're taking, than maybe their campaign on behalf of Lake Balaton should be called "Balaton is for Sex." We could also call it "Trolling for Tourism."

They have released a brief cartoon video [] depicting a young blonde woman having sex with an apparently married male tourist in a rowboat on the lake. The film, set to a popular local '80s song, shows the woman taking off her bra to the obvious pleasure of the man. They do what comes naturally (with two little cartoon bees accompanying them throughout their tryst) and as they lay in the boat afterwards in post-coital ecstasy, the tourist is shown hiding his wedding ring as the blonde gazes loving at him. If you can read Hungarian (I can't), then maybe Tékozló Homár can explain it better.

Since there wasn't much to explain the video, I did a little digging and found that the music is a remix of KFT's "Balatoni nyár" ("Balaton Summer"), originally released on the band's 1986 album Siker, pénz, nők, csillogás ("Success, money, women, glitter"). The video seems to closely follow the story laid out in the song, and this is supposed to be the loose English translation:

We were sitting on the pier watching the light dance on the water;
We enjoyed how good that conventional (or cheesy) situation was;
I remember how I waited for that blue-eyed girl at the ferry;
And of course she didn't come;
because that's what blue-eyed girls are like;

I was sitting in a boat with a girl and all moral chains fell from us;
Nobody could see us, because the reeds are thick;
I was in love and the truth would've hurt that girl;
I looked into her eye and said I wasn't married

Do Hungarians wear their wedding bands on their right hands? See more here - Photos Hosted at BuzznetNot meaning to sound picky, but the video showed the tourist wearing his wedding ring on his right hand. So do Hungarians wear their wedding bands on their right hands?

The region around Lake Balaton was a popular tourist spot for Hungarians, Germans and east Europeans at one time, but its popularity has dropped a bit in the past few years, and this season's start is "sluggish" according to The Budapest Times. Some visitors think that Lake Balaton is a great place to spend some time, but others don't. The tourism authorities said in a statement, "The marketing campaign is aimed at selling Balaton as a travel destination primarily for the young generation."

That statement seems strange when the video rejoices in the fact that the male half of the twosome is married to someone else. The cartoon ends with him droving home with photos of his vacation flashing in his memory... as that bee accompanies him on the trip.

Linda Bozorádi - Miss Balaton 2006 Contestant - Photo Hosted at BuzznetThe "The Official Touristic Homepage" offers plenty of "Linkajánló" (links) to activities for the "young generation" that they seem to be marketing towards. There is an annual Miss Balaton beauty contest, with a number of beautiful entrants. Who know, maybe there will be a contender there. There are discos, such as Flört and Dexion. There is the Coca-Cola Beach House, the Aquapark and a bobsled ride on rails called Balaton Bob. There are young ladies cavorting on the beaches in bikinis. There are churches, restaurants and places to stay, but when one searches for in , there are no references. If one this, one ends up with... stories or links to the aforementioned cartoon video. Even Hungary's great portal site, caboodle.hu, offers no results.

So if you had your heart set on having sex (or fscking) in a rowboat in Lake Balaton this summer, you'll have to start from scratch, just like the guy in the cartoon. Then again, you could always complain to the Hungarian state tourism bureau, Magyar Turizmus Rt, and see if they can help you out.

Here's a link to the full-screen version of the NSFW video.

Another view, probably pretty realistic, of Lake Balaton:

Tourist authorities would love for you to visit this summer, though this video doesn't make the place appear very inviting if you love the water. But never mind, just stay out of rowboats if you visit and are planning on enjoying sex there.

Additional Hungarian photos (some NSFW) from the tabloid Színes Bulvár Lap. Cultural background, useful if one is planning a visit

And so, our is trolling.

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Updated: 7/27/2006

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Testosterone said...

I read this and just cracked up. Made me want to jump in a plane and go get a rowboat on this Lake Balaton that they're trying to get tourists to visit. Amazing that the Hungarian government (if I got that right) is behind this, because from the links you had here, it doesn't look like the locals are even aware of what their government is doing to "help them" get more tourists. Yeah, "Trolling For Tourists" was a good way to put it.