The REAL Paris Hilton - Exposed!

Paris Hilton - a Virtual Tour

Paris Hilton video - Photo Hosted at Buzznet.comOK, let's face it, we've all seen the ads for the Paris Hilton video taped in Las Vegas in 2001. Some may have actually seen the whole thing or bought it on the Internet. From the stills and short clips that are available, it was obviously filmed in the dark, so the the quality was grainy and exceptionally poor. There was a second tape that surfaced with supposed better quality, along with numerous open leg and open blouse shots seeming to pop up all over the 'Net.

Paris Hilton video - Photo Hosted at Buzznet.comThough the hardcore Paris Hilton sex video attracted a lot of attention, it proved that she's a born self-promoter, despite her occasional protests to the contrary. Recently she said that she gets "insecure sometimes."

Paris is the first-born in the latest generation of the Hilton family of 4-star hotel fame. She's also known for being a part-time fashion model, an actress and (more than anything else) a high-society party girl.

But you probably knew all this already from all of the news and tabloid articles that seem to surround her every move.

What you probably didn't know was that there is a new virtual tour available on the Internet, and it doesn't cost a penny. The quality is definitely up there, and it's truly a creative masterpiece. Without further ado, here is...

Paris Hilton - a Virtual Tour!

And if you really want some truly revealing Paris Hilton pictures, completely free, and without having to pay by credit card, just check here for an entire gallery of them.

You'll have to agree: when it comes to Paris Hilton, getting there is half the fun!

If you've been following the items above, you've already gotten the drift of this, so now it's time to shift gears a bit. Don't know if you remember it, but Paris Hilton was in an exclusive interview on Saturday Night Live in 2003, soon after her first videotape had been made public. Jimmy Fallon asked certain revealing questions of Ms. Hilton, such as:

  • Is it hard to get into the Paris Hilton?
  • Do they allow double occupancy...
  • Do they have a ballroom...

See the complete video on YouTube.com or here (where you can download a copy). The short but hilarious transcript is available here.

Credit where it's due: Many thanks to April Winchell's Blog of 6/8/2006 (NSFW!) for inspiring this posting - cracked me up when I read her thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that "virtual tour" of Paris Hilton. It wasn't anything at all like I expected, but once I got inside, it was really great! As you said, getting there is half the fun.

And that link to the SNL video reminded me how much I laughed when I first saw it.

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