Happy Christmas!

This is a still from my new Happy Christmas video, just in time for the holidays. I've been secretly taking singing and performing lessons from the new British Ska group Tygorz, which is headed by none other than British music and animation legend Joel Veitch, and backed up by his band 7 Seconds of Love, along with the world-famous Ninja Kittens!

They're even trying to teach me the proper accents to use to create an authentic British punk/ska sound. You're probably more familiar with Joel Veitch than you realize, as he's also the creator of the Ninja Kittens and the moon-obsessed Spongmonkeys.

This is the first public airing of this video, so please be kind with your criticism. And before I forget, let me dedicate this one to my special UK friend Kassady.

So settle back and enjoy yourselves while I make a complete effing fool of myself... and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever you feel like celebrating!

Click here to see my Happy Christmas video - it opens in a new window.


DeLi said...

my dear John,

thank you for send me the Jibjab greetings. A very happy holidays to you and JR. and cheers to wonderful new year!


travail a domicile said...

thanks for your article