Barbie, what have you done!

The Flavor of a Favor

Barbie Cummings doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

Trooper James Randy Moss of the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) was just doing his job when he observed a pink Honda Accord speeding outside of Nashville on May 7th. He clocked her doing 92 mph in a 70 mph zone near Lebanon, so doing his duty, he pulled her over.

Since she was speeding,
Trooper Moss felt it necessary to search her vehicle, and asked her if she had drugs in the car. She admitted to having some "happy pills," otherwise known in the real world as painkillers. He told her that a drug charge would mean she couldn't leave the state.

Trooper Moss then found out that Barbie Cummings is a porn star (and I didn't make this up, that's her
stage name). The 21-year-old buxom blonde informed him of her occupation, explaining that if she was arrested she wouldn't be able to leave the state, etc, etc.


So what did the resourceful trooper to do? He threw the "happy pills" in the brush and decided to get happy the good old-fashioned way. Cummings says the trooper led her to the cruiser where the two watched some of her finest work from her Web site using a laptop computer in his patrol car.  That must have really gotten him going, because they moved to a secluded area where he used a hand-held camera to make his own oral-based porno.

One might say that Trooper was just being resourceful, but he was so proud of his performance that he supposedly bragged about it to his cop buddies. Then like some high-school locker room stud, he e-mailed the photos and video to her, to share them with her. 

Now get this: Trooper Moss still gave her a ticket!

The officer's citation did not mention finding any illegal narcotics in the car, but he still charged her with speeding.

Now Ms. Cummings is no stranger to the 'Net, with exposure on MySpace, various adult sites, and her own blog.

So she Ms Cummings wrote about it, and posted the visual evidence on her blog. And in her blog she also commented in so many words that if anyone was speeding, he was.

The contents of that May 7th blog entry may be found here: NSFW - Explicit Details! Do not view if you might be offended by explicit language and details!


The story has, of course, made international headlines, and she said she’s enjoyed the attention it’s brought her. She’s evidently gotten hundreds of e-mails from fans as far away as Pakistan since the story broke. Her blog was taken down temporarily and moved after the site netted 205,000 hits during the last week of May, she said, but her popularity on the 'Net remains.

"This police officer went ahead and told (all) of his co-workers, other police officers, and was bragging about it," she wrote. "He isn’t in trouble because of the act itself, but that he chose to let it happen while he was on duty. There was no bribing, no (coercing) or convincing."

"I didn't get out of anything. It was not a trade. Just like a guy - he got his, and I still got the speeding ticket."

But why in the world would the trooper be so incredibly stupid as to not only allow someone to take pictures and videos, but to give them copies?

A fourth grader would have more sense than that. And now we find out that
Trooper Moss has been fired
. One can only wonder if he was fired for throwing the pills away, receiving oral favors while on duty, or stupid conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer.

Barbie met with THP investigators and said she turned over the photos and video. They evidently saw enough evidence, and have fired Trooper Moss, who may still be facing further charges.

And Barbie Cummings she may see James Randy Moss again, as she a good citizen, and plans to show up in court in Lebanon, TN on June 29th to answer the charge of speeding.
Will try to get the outcome of her court appearance.

Tennessee's new Lick-it-or-Ticket traffic advisory.
New traffic advisory sign seen in the Nashville area.
Lick it or Ticket - a law whose time has come.
~ Barbie Cummings

This one is my nomination for the 2007 Darwin Awards.

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Bill said...

Great story, and what makes it even better is that it's true. But you forgot to mention that Barbie Cummings' real name is Justis Richert.

And it looks like Trooper Moss is getting his own taste of justice now that the THP has booted his ass. A friend in Nashville informs me that the trooper is facing charges, but she also noted that nobody seems to have mentioned that he's a married man, so I'm sure that his wife will be feeding him her own form of justice.

My friend said that the media there has said that another woman has come forward with some other accusations about Trooper Moss, and filed a complaint. Don't know any more than that.

But I hope that the trooper really enjoyed that BJ, becaus I can bet that he won't be getting his pickle polished for quite a long time now!

Jack Meauff said...

I love you, Barbie Cummings!

JargonTalk said...

Well, according to news reports, Justis Richert was a no-show for court today in Lebanon, Tennessee, so she'll have to pay the $159 speeding ticket within two weeks. Porn star Barbie Cummings, as she's known, could have avoided it altogether because Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper James Randy Moss has resigned and wasn't in court, according to officials there.

According to an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel, traffic charges were dropped against 16 motorists who did appear in court for tickets issued by the trooper, who resigned when Barbie went public in her blog that Trooper Moss took photos and a video of their roadside sexual encounter encounter in May and sent copies to her. She said she acknowledged having drugs she described as "happy pills," but claimed the trooper threw them into brush near the highway.

Trooper Moss, 40, resigned amid a state investigation, and prosecutors have said they would seek an indictment charging him with official misconduct and tampering with evidence. Barbie has continued with her blog, and wrote this month that she's now married and moving to Los Angeles, where she plans to continue working in the porn industry there. She also said she plans to sell the pink Honda she was driving when Moss stopped her.

It's a guarantee that her Honda will bring far more than normal book value!